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Framelet lines be gone

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

A lot of great moon imagery is available from old missions on film. Put together these films give very high resolution “panoramas”. Unfortunately a lot of lines are visible between the films and even within the film.

I wrote a short algorithm in Matlab to remove the lines 90% (see below).


- this post grew into an “Lunar Picture of the Day” on September 13th 2007. This includes the Matlab Code and a short explanation.

- the new release of Virtual Atlas of the Moon will contain more than 1.000 orbiter images that were cleaned using this algorithm

- here are 2 samples in 20 MegaPixel: Plato and the Alpine Valley .
- and a 50 Mpixel pano of the two:
Plato+Alpes pano

- a stand alone executable is now available:

1. download and run the matlab component library
2. download the actual routine itself, and rename the .ex_ files to .exe, and you should be ready destripe yourself.

Snapshot of the application: