Framelet lines be gone

A lot of great moon imagery is available from old missions on film. Put together these films give very high resolution “panoramas”. Unfortunately a lot of lines are visible between the films and even within the film.

I wrote a short algorithm in Matlab to remove the lines 90% (see below).


- this post grew into an “Lunar Picture of the Day” on September 13th 2007. This includes the Matlab Code and a short explanation.

- the new release of Virtual Atlas of the Moon will contain more than 1.000 orbiter images that were cleaned using this algorithm

- here are 2 samples in 20 MegaPixel: Plato and the Alpine Valley .
- and a 50 Mpixel pano of the two:
Plato+Alpes pano

- a stand alone executable is now available:

1. download and run the matlab component library
2. download the actual routine itself, and rename the .ex_ files to .exe, and you should be ready destripe yourself.

Snapshot of the application:




4 Responses to “Framelet lines be gone”

  1. Dear colleague,

    As the Virtual Moon Atlas pictures libraries responsable (see link above for the freeware), I’m interested with your algorythm to improve some of the VMA pictures.

    Thank you very much in advance for indicating me how to download it and use it.

    Sincerely yours,

    Christian Legrand

  2. Beste Niels,
    Is jouw algorithme om de lijnen weg te werken ook becshikbaar? Ik vind het prachtig werken.

    Groeten, John Sussenbach

  3. John Piner says:

    Your algorithm requires padarray which is included in the Image Processing Toolbox. Do you have a substitute function since the Image Processing Toolbox is an add-on?

  4. Saskia says:

    Is it possible to e-mail me the matlab code?

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