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Lunar eclipse … at last!

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

After the rain was gone, the sky was very clear. I was really pleased with the sight through the telescope: a soft “salmon red” colored moon with a white rim, embedded in bright white sparkling stars.

Taken at 00h29m25s CET, note the magnitude 10 star visible in the lower right.

ISO800, 10s, roughly f/10 (N6+2x Barlow)

This exposure time makes clear that the eclipsed moon is roughly 16000 times dimmer than the normal full moon. (Based on the “sunny 16″ rule: shutter time is equal to iso number @ f/16 for sun lit object, so at iso800 one would expect about 1/1600 second shutter time for f/10).dsc_0423-crop.jpg

And a wider field of view, including the stars (added from HNSky) as they were visible through the telescope:

Lunar eclipse

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Just managed to het this photo before the clouds came in which made it a “more than total” eclipse of the moon.

3/3/2007 23:20:08 CET


The exact moment in HNSky: