Ultra-high speed photography: .308 Winchester

Some photo’s taken of the .308 caliber (DPMS LR-308, 150 grain Full Metal Jacket) at a muzzle velocity of about 860 m/s (3100 km/hour or 2820 feet per second), roughly 2.5 times the speed of sound. The light source was a home grown air-gap flash, triggered with a simple piezo microphone.

.308 exiting the barrel, photographed via a mirror

The obligatory business card.

Lightbulb shattered by .308

Clear lamps are bullet proof.

.308 tumbling through chalk (backside of bullet towards camera)

Jus de tomate preparation .308

Jus d’orange a la .308

.308 round tumbling after passing through an apple

Note that vaporized tomato, orange and apple juice all are white instead of red, orange and green!

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