Yet another non-rigid registration and stacking tool.
This time using the “demons” technique for non-rigid registration (matching) of AVI frames.

I hope the enforced workflow makes the use of the software clear by itself:

download: RegistaC# (2261)
.NET 2.0 required if not already installed

The application was entirely written in C# (VS2005 express), making use of the FFTW library for FFT (wavelet filtering and global shift detection) and the AVI library from Codeproject.

The idea is

1. open avi and select a nice frame
2. align all other frames to that frame
3. measure quality of all aligned frames in preferred region of interest
3. average best X% frames
4. correct all sharp frames for seeing using “demons”
5. stack again for final result
6. apply wavelet sharpening

after that you can re-iterate alignment, seeing correction, frame selection etc. quite ad-lib.

Here is an explanation of the demons technique: demons powerpoint

feedback more than welcome!


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